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For only $39.95 a month, we will provide 24/7 monitoring of your device.

Should you ever be in a situation where you have an accident, fall, get hurt or have any other kind of emergency, we will be here to send help your way.
When you enroll in our monthly program, we will send your personal safety device to you, free of charge.

Water resistant Personal Safety Device


  • Water resistant
  • GPS Cellular Enabled
  • Fall detection sensor & automatic alert
  • Emergency Alarm Button
  • Virtual Geographic Boundary Tracking (Geofencing)
  • Inbound & Outbound 2-way Talk
  • Device free with plan enrollment

CALL US NOW AT (800-300-1724)

OnTheGo LiTE

  • Two way voice
  • Industry leading 120 Hours standby
  • Built-In 3 Axis Accelerometer with proven fall detect algorithms when worn as a pendant
  • Enhanced audio capability for easy to hear voice prompts, crisp speaker output and adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • Easy to use Caregiver app to allow a quick look at your loved ones daily activity
  • Long lasting battery that is monitored by service provider and caregiver

CALL US NOW AT (800-300-1724)